Ugo Untoro (b.1970), graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.  He is known to have brought contemporary Indonesian art to a new level. Over the past decade, Ugo Untoro has from paintings expanded his art to drawings, poems and writings. His signature style is raw and spontaneous influenced by his street background and graffiti art knowledge.  Ugo Untoro is steeped in the rich cultural heritage of Yogyakarta and is influenced by Javanese mythology and traditions.

His entry to the Philip Morris Art Awards in 1998 was placed within the Best 5; and Tempo Magazine of Indonesia named him Man of the Year in 2007. Since 1995 he has held more than 10 solo exhibitions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yogyakarta, Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya, and has participated in group exhibitions in USA, France, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Ugo Untoro lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Ugo Untoro

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