Jerry Morada (b. 1979) graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts and made a name for himself as an emerging contemporary artist.  He began his career working as artist for ProbeProductions, Inc., producer of the award-winning "Probe Team".  The focus of most of his paintings is the subject of women, painted in a more surreal style.  Morada has always sought to fuse elements of abstraction and figuration in an engrossing configuration of texture, color and composition.

Although trained in sculpture, the artist eventually developed and refined his skill in painting and used it to express his interest in history.  His fascination with old photographs empowered him with a vision that was an aid to build his style.

Jerry’s works often reach the realm of metaphysics with his preoccupation with dreams and dreaming.  Jerry Morada’s works encompass the style of folk art.

Jerry Morada remains a dreamer and his art invites one to follow his journey into the depths of the romantic.

Jerry Morada

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  1. Mother And Child
    Mother And Child
  2. Dream Choices
    Dream Choices
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