Madhvi Parekh, born in 1942, Sanjaya (village in Gujarat) is a self-taught artist who first started painting in 1964. She is a modern master in Indian contemporary art. Her paintings are influenced by folk art but also incorporate a modernist style similar to that of Paul Klee and Joan Miró. She is married to equally renowned artist Manu Parekh who trained at Bombay's JJ School of Art. Madhvi gained much exposure and inspiration for art from him. She explored ways of portraying her memories from childhood in her paintings. Her works possess a surreal dreamlike quality where images of fantasy and early days are weaved into her paintings. 

Though her themes always revolve around images that affect her, the compositions of her works are flexible, and all her paintings have a strong sense of design. Madhvi’s subjects have a sense of freshness and spontaneity to them.

She has been exhibiting her work since 1972, all over the world and has held more than a hundred solo and group exhibitions.  In 2002, Madhvi exhibited at Galerie Belvedere Singapore in a group exhibition of Asia Women Artists which was featured in the Singapore media.

Madhvi Parekh

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