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Featured Artworks

Andre Tan

Title: Queen Ziggy 

Year: 2013 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Size: 122 x 122 cm


Title: Balinese Girl 

Year: 1994 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Size: 40 x 40 cm

Juan Garcia Ripolles

Title: Double Imagen (Double Image) 

Year: 1999 

Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Size: 65 x 55 cm

Featured Projects

Juan Ripolles

Supplied and installed Rey del Mar by Juan Ripolles at Bedok Residences, 24 Bedok North Drive in 2015.

Lorenzo Quinn

Commissioned to supply and install The Force of Nature and What Goes Around Comes Around by Lorenzo Quinn at Marina Barrage in 2008.

Kurt Laurenz Metzler

Curate, supply and install Urban People by Kurt Laurenz Metzler at ION Orchard in July 2009.

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