Krijono (1951-2011) was exposed to art from a young age. His mother was a Batik factory owner and his father was an art collector who owned Harris Art Gallery.  In 1970, Krijono received his first formal training in art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Yogyakarta. 

He experimented with different mediums including batik, oil, acrylics and even fused traditional paintings and Kimono paintings as a batik combination whilst training in Tokyo.

The artist had a distinguished style that differentiates him from his counterparties.  In his expressionistic paintings, he used bright colours accompanied by spontaneous bold lines and brush strokes. In the use of colours, Krijono strongly believed that he could use any colour to satisfy the needs of his works. He refused to mix paints to create colours. He justifies this by saying that he is a painter not a mixer.

Since moving to Ubud, he transformed his style to a strong, modern expression filled with colours and reflecting the Balinese surroundings. 

His expressive and flamboyant works have been exhibited extensively around the world.  Krijono participated in solo and group exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore Malaysia and Japan.

Krijono has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Italy and France.  Gianni Versace who admired Krijono’s use of colours especially red, green and gold.


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  1. Waktu Dewidi Bali
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    3 Legong Dancers
  3. Made Dipejeng Bali
    Made Dipejeng Bali
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