Brendan Neiland: Forte (51 x 71 cm)

SGD 990.00

Artwork details: Title: Forte Year: 2015 Medium: Digital & Silk Screen on Archival Paper Size: 51 x 71 cm Available Editions: 2/50 (unframed) *Note that each edition is sold in sequence of availability ABOUT THE ARTIST Brendan Neiland, b.1941, is a leading British contemporary painter and printmaker known for his distinct style of using architecture to create works that are uniquely pictorial. The subtle relationship between the facade, its environment and its viewers is the concept that he explores and beautifully portrays in his works. His paintings motivate viewers to look at architecture and technology in a completely new dimension and to appreciate its integral part in today’s modern world. Neiland, throughout his career, has made the image of the modern city his own; the city to Neiland is what the countryside is to landscape painters.