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Galerie Belvedere, established in March 1996, is a Singapore art company with an international dimension. The gallery deals mainly in contemporary paintings and sculptures from Europe and Asia. 

Galerie Belvedere specializes in corporate commissions. Our clients include hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, commercial and residential properties primarily in Singapore and also in China and Brunei. 

The gallery provides a bespoke supply and consultancy service from conceptualization to installation. It handles commissioned works including indoor and outdoor sculptures for corporate buyers and sources art worldwide to meet clients' specific requirements. 

The gallery specialises in providing suitable artworks to corporate buyers and has a comprehensive range of art and services: 

• Undertakes commissioned works for corporate buyers; 

• Sources and supplies original works: European, Asian and Singapore paintings, sculptures, antique and decorative textiles, etc to meet clients' requirements; 

• Provides art consultancy and curatorial services for corporate clients 

Each project is individually researched by the gallery and proposals for art works take into account corporate identity, objectives and mission of the company. Carefully considered are the building architecture, interior design, colour schemes, furniture design, size and finish of walls/space where art-works are to be placed and natural and artificial lighting. The gallery also takes into account technical aspects such as the gradient and structural requirements of each site.

Our Strengths:

►Galerie Belvedere handles the project from A to Z, from inception to installation 

►Almost 20 years experience in art consultancy and corporate commissions 

►Strong references in Singapore, China, Brunei: hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, residences and shopping malls 

►Large national and international network of emerging and established artists

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