Born in 1947, Symon is an American artist from the Midwest who has lived in Bali since 1972 producing paintings and drawings on Balinese customs and pop art. He is best known for his bold portraits of Balinese men, done in vivid tropical colours and often to an exaggerated scale

In 1964, Symon ran away from home at the age of 17 to look for writer Henry Miller and soon ended up in Bali Indonesia where he established his first studio in 1978 - the first seriograph silkscreen production art studio in South East Asia. Influenced by great artists such as Arie Smit and Andy Warhol, Symon’s work reflects pop culture in both Bali and America. His expressive paintings explore his own idiosyncratic paradigm and each work becomes a genuine declaration of his artistic vision. His energetic and sometimes whimsical take on Balinese life and landscapes makes a refreshing change from the more sedate traditional views so popular with many other Ubud artists.

Symon’s works have been exhibited in prestigious venues such as the British Museum in London, the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, and the Solander Gallery in Australia. His works are also in the permanent collection of the Neka Art Museum, the largest museum in Bali, Indonesia.

Symon frequently travels throughout South East Asia and paints colour fields with nudes and mythological beings. Acting as a visionary with a vocation in pure art, Symon has created a palace to the lords of art, and his studio, also known as Art Zoo/Camp Colour has become a destination art experience in Bali, Indonesia and is featured in guidebooks such as Frommer’s and Lonely Planet.


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