Born in 1977 and having graduated with a first in painting from Oxford University, Sacha Jafri is an exciting British artist on the contemporary art scene.

Highly influenced by Jackson Pollock and other American Abstract Expressionists, Jafri's early paintings were about pure expression through paint – colour and composition coming together to elevate the senses. Jafri, himself, is on a self-proclaimed mission to revive painting in an age of conceptual, installation and performance art. He sees himself as initiating a new genre of painting, " Magical Realism", a term borrowed from literature. Working from his subconscious, his paintings attempt to reconcile the tensions between form and narrative, resulting in some extraordinarily edgy paintings.

Galerie Belvedere organized the major " Jafri Meets Warhol" exhibition in Singapore in 2005, where we showcased 20 Jafri paintings together with 14 Andy Warhol prints, the first exhibition of its kind in Singapore.

Sacha Jafri

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