Rien Bout (1937 – 2003) was a Professor at the Hague Royal Academy of Visual Arts where he taught painting and drawing. He was commissioned to paint an official portrait of Queen Beatrix and was awarded in 2000 the prestigious UNESCO Prize in Monaco. Bout held many exhibitions in the Netherlands and internationally.

His paintings depict a variety of themes, including landscapes, still life, portraits, and historical pieces. In his works, he played with contrasts, due to which the works come across as all the more persuasive: flat surfaces versus spaciousness, vague sections versus elaborated dessins, tranquillity versus movement.

Until the late seventies, his works were characterized by their realistic reproduction and its large format. During the eighties, Bout stayed in Mexico where he was inspired to create artworks brimming with Latin American mysticism.

Rien Bout was described by David Hockney as the modern "Van Gogh".

Rien Bout

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