Kurt Laurenz Metzler is a celebrated avant garde Swiss sculptor.  Born in St Gallen, Switzerland in 1941, he graduated in 1963 in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zurich.  His works of art portray people going about everyday life such as The Lady Shopper, The Businessman, The Architect, The Traveller, The Roller Blader or people collectively Waiting for the Train or In-Discussion.  These are stories that appear to be representative of our time and society.

During Metzler’s stay in New York, he was influenced by Abstractionism and Pop Art (collaborating with artists such as Larry Rivers & Jim Dine) which inspired him to create the “Urban People”, installed in July 2009 at the ION Orchard in collaboration with Galerie Belvedere.  The “Building People’’ sculpture was installed in March 2009 at the Main Lobby of Capital Tower in Singapore.  In June 2010, another Metzler sculpture, “Man on the Bench” was installed at the Capital Tower Plaza.

Metzler has exhibited his works extensively in group and solo exhibitions in Europe and the USA.  His sculptures can be seen in public places in Europe, in museums and in private and corporate collections.  Metzler says, “My sculptures tell stories with amused irony, they converse, they become alive and they turn into theatre.”  He also states that sculptures are meant to spill onto city spaces, gardens and sidewalks and are not to be confined in museums.  Metzler is collected by the world’s rich and famous, including Norwegian billionaire real estate developer Olav Thon, who has 5 large Metzler sculptures outside his hotels in Oslo, and several sports celebrities, industrialists and royalty.  Swiss-born financier Urs Schwarzenbach who owns 34 of Metzler’s sculptures will establish a new private modern art museum in Australia featuring the works of Metzler.

Metzler’s sculptures can be found in many public spaces in the city of Zurich.  Recently, he designed the prestigious Royal Society Pfizer Award.  His avant-garde sculptures have also served as a stunning backdrop for the star-studded Viareggio charity benefit on 19 August 2009 with Sting and Andrea Bocelli headlining the concert.  Metzler’s art works were also displayed at the “Teatro del Silenzio” near Pisa on 25 July 2010 when it played host to Andrea Bocelli’s signature concert.

His works were showcased at the Landau Museum in Germany in May 2011.  In May 2012 he exhibited his works at the Locarno Film Festival; the glamourous event celebrated Metzler's sculptures in Vira Gambarogno (Switzerland).  In July 2012 some of his works were exhibited in the exhibition "Press Art" in Salzburg and are now part of the prestigious Nobel Collection, which includes some of the very best artists worldwide.  In July 2012 his sculpture "The Guardian" was permanently installed in front of the Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota (United States).  In June 2013, a selection of Metzler’s sculptures was exhibited in Vienna, Austria.  He continues to create sculptures, which have a universal appeal.  He was a founder member of the Swiss group, which conceptualized and started Art Basel where his sculptures have been exhibited.

Kurt Laurenz Metzler

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