Herry Dim born in 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia, is a contemporary artist who has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Indonesia and around the world, including Paris, Japan and Denmark.  Known as a painter and performance artist, he is also deeply involved in installation and printmaking.  He writes essays, some of which were published in the collection Jawinul; Trips in the Woods of Culture (1993)

Since 1975, Herry Dim has had a lot of group as well as solo exhibitions in Indonesia as well as in Kuala Lumur and Europe.  Those include exhibitions such as the International Exhibition of Asian Artists (Bandung), Yogyakarta Biennale, Biennale Jakarta, International Exhibition of Asian Artists (Kuala Lumpur), 6 Indonesian Painters, Darga & Lansberg Gallery (Paris), Container 96: Art Across the Oceans (Copenhagen), Platform 1 Canvas Foundation (Amsterdam) and many more.

Herry Dim

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