Carlo Magno (b. 1960) has successfully reinvented himself as an abstractionist, formerly a realist.  He loved that in abstract art there was a freedom in expression.  In the process of his reinvention as a painter, Carlo acquired a new way of seeing of thought, emotion and handling of material in the art making.

His use of colours relates to his minimalistic approach that adheres to the more elemental qualities.  Carlo is also obsessed with the use of the circle motif, a ubiquitous presence that betrays his firm foundation in Chinese classical studies and philosophy.  In many of his works he creates thin horizontal gridlines that take up a major part of the superimposed composition, creating an animated interplay between the spaces, imaginary and reality that crosses boundaries and barriers.

His works are featured in books such as "Philippine Art Now" and "Twentieth Century Filipino Artists”  Carlo Magno has won awards such as the winner of Artist of the Centennial Award, Philippine American Federation of South Florida; Outstanding Malatean Award, Malate Catholic School.  He has also won the grand prize for “Las Pinas Church” in the Hispanidad Painting Contest and first prize for “Ruins along Roxas Blvd” for On-the-spot Painting Contest and “Bayanihan” for the 26th.

Carlo Magno

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