Brendan Neiland, b.1941, is one of Britain’s foremost contemporary painters and printmakers known for his distinct style of using architecture to create works that are uniquely pictorial. The subtle relationship between the facade, its environment and its viewers is the concept that he explores and beautifully portrays in his works. His paintings motivate viewers to look at architecture and technology in a completely new dimension and to appreciate its integral part in today’s modern world. Neiland, throughout his career, has made the image of the modern city his own; the city to Neiland is what the countryside is to landscape painters.

Neiland’s works, explore the enigma of modern metropolitan existence. Buildings are static in form. However, Brendan draws out another dimension by transforming them and capturing the reflective surfaces of the buildings on other buildings, and buildings on water bodies. One senses the tension between movement and stasis, reflection and absorption, imagery of clouds and concrete buildings, which take on a geometrical dimension.

In the current exhibition in Singapore, his artworks range from his traditional style to a paradigm shift in colours, vibrancy and intricate dynamism. Neiland’s visits to New York, Las Vegas, Havana, and Costa Rica have had a palpable effect on his paintings. His paintings are found in major galleries and museums worldwide including the Tate Modern, The Victoria and Albert Museum, university museums such as Cambridge, Sheffield and Newcastle. Apart from receiving various awards, Neiland was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, appointed Professor of Painting at the University of Brighton and Loughborough University. He was also Keeper of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In 1998 he was commissioned by the Royal Mail to design a postage stamp. Royalty and celebrities such as Sir Paul Smith also collect his works.


Corporate collectors of Neiland’s paintings include:

CapitaLand of Singapore

The Economist

Lloyds Bank, Jardines

Gillette, Proctor and Gamble

British Rail, ScotRail, Great Western, Gatwick Express

Terminal Four Building at Heathrow

Rolls Royce Motors and Rolls Royce Engines

Rover, BMW, Ford

European Parliament, Brussels

National Bank of Dubai

Sharjah Museum, UAE

Boston Museum of Fine Art

Brooklyn Museum of Fine Art

Wing Tai Enterprises Ltd, Hong Kong

BA Lounge at Changi Airport

Brendan Neiland

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